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My Favorit Chess Tools

Updated: Feb 11

When I've started my chess journey, I mostly relied on books, my coach & a real chess board. The world changed (a bit) here are the top 5 tools, which I use today: My go to page for creating studies, analysing games & positions, solving tactics and playing games. My go to page when I want to learn a new opening or understand a middle game concept better. Here I train my blindfold chess skills, useful little chess site.

Real chess board: I still love to take out my beautiful chess set and move the pieces. Its just a different experience. I usually take out the board for really complex positions & puzzles where I spend typically more than 10 minutes on a singe position. For relatively easy tactics, I prefer the digital board as do not have to set up the pieces each time.

Chess books: Matter of taste if they are digital or physical. The key is to select the right chess book for your level and your interest.

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